On this site you’ll find the content of two books about the essentials of voluntaryism, one about the philosophy of political freedom and the other about the psychological facets and meaningful acceptance of the philosophy of political freedom. Both books are available in print, digital, and audio versions.

From the back cover of Complete Liberty: The Demise Of The State And The Rise Of Voluntary America (2007):

You own yourself, and you make decisions for yourself. As Aristotle pointed out over 2300 years ago, humans are creatures of reason, rational animals. Thus, we are capable of running our lives as we see fit, and acknowledging others’ ability to do likewise. Everything else outlined in the book Complete Liberty follows from these basic facts.

The meme of “government” discourages us from claiming full ownership of ourselves and encourages us submit to the edicts of governmental officials. We are told that such prevention of personal choice and denial of property rights are for our own good, or “general welfare.” The idea of the State mocks our self-respect and our respect for others by fostering taxation, regulation, and many other injustices.

Instead of the State and the all-too-common problems it creates, let’s foster a society of complete liberty. Let’s allow the tremendous ingenuity of a truly free marketplace of goods, services, and ideas provide for all of us—while fully respecting our lives and property. In turn, let’s look forward to dramatically higher living standards and a much brighter future.

A voluntary America is about reclaiming ourselves, our fundamental dignity as unique persons, and living life to the fullest, in accordance with the principle of individual rights. Why should we have ever settled for less?

From the back cover of Complete Liberty Inside Out: Honoring Yourself and Others for Optimal Enrichment (2015):

Do you sense that many vital things in the human world are not being considered, from parenting to politics? What if this missing knowledge can be acquired by using your mind with renewed focus, with both clarity and compassion? If you seek to live in freedom rather than in fear, then the practice of self-responsibility becomes a key safeguard, which reveals all the arbitrary controls and impositions in our culture as simply relics of distrust and a fragmented inner world.

We live in an unprecedented time of innovation, and we need philosophical and psychological shifts that accord with respect, understanding, empathy, connection, freedom, and prosperity. In this book you’ll find ideas and perspectives about honoring the self you were, the self you are, and the self you can be, in addition to the selves of others, for mental liberation. An inside-out view of complete liberty entails healing, integrating, and growing mentally, so that we can enrich our lives in the most helpful ways, personally and societally.

Commonplace systems of domination and submission of course challenge our resolve; powerful cults of “authority” loom large, and sometimes they may overshadow our yearnings to be happy and free. The American Dream has been constantly diminished by systems such as politics that use coercion and punishment as mainstays. Yet, by compassionately inspecting the nature of childhood and parenting and reviewing their many effects on our lives, we can heal past wounds of trauma and implement win/win strategies to fulfill our needs. A wonderful world awaits.

Complete Liberty Podcast is based on these ideas, and it concludes with episodes 213-221, which are all nine chapters of Complete Liberty Inside Out.

Enjoy the root-striking!