Complete liberty means being able to make your own decisions with your own property, while respecting others’ freedoms (or rights) to do the same. Unfortunately, our society has yet to fully integrate this political principle, so we suffer the assorted social and economic consequences.

The initiation of force (or threats thereof or fraud) is the only real crime in society. Currently, those comprising the organization known as government charge and sentence people for many “crimes” that have no victims or complaining parties; they also fund their “justice services” by extorting individuals, aka “the public,” via fees and taxes. No respectful and respectable justice service in a free market would ever function in such a rights-violating manner, let alone as a way of life.

To see the true nature of taxation, regulation, monopolization, and electoral politics—that is, to see their basic illegitimacy—is to grasp the one-way sacrificial code that’s dominated humans for untold centuries. We can rid coercion from the foundation of our culture if we make it a priority, fostering freedom and endless prosperity.

In the realm of personal and political freedom, the way out is through. Even though very few individuals presently feel comfortable with confronting the ideas that the culture has given us, this site has resources to help you on this profound journey. May your inner liberation bring you peace, joy, and fulfillment—and be a shining example for others.


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