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All human life is indexed on the web: Search engines are changing the face of business forever
by Tony Glover

American Democracy Indicted
by Anthony Gregory

Are Conservatives Naïve or Just Plain Stupid?
by Laurence M. Vance

Wikipedia survives research test

Beyond Patriarchy: A Libertarian Model of the Family
by Roderick T. Long

Conservative Nonsense in the War on Drugs
by Jacob G. Hornberger

For the War and Against the Troops
by Anthony Gregory

Hands Off Google!
by Justin Raimondo

Health Care Crisis? How About a Recreation Crisis?
by John Merline

Intelligence in the Internet age
by Stefanie Olsen

Interesting Findings from fMRI Scans of Political Brains
reviewed by Dr. Priya Saxena

Judging Google
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Marxists’ Apartment A Microcosm Of Why Marxism Doesn’t Work
by The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Retirement? Not in this lifetime
by Dave Barry

Surfing and Site Guide – Internet World Stats

The Abstract Concept of Human Liberty
by Robert LeFevre

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll – A New Generation of Conspiracy Theorists are at Work on the Secret History of 9/11
by Mark Jacobson

The Hazards of Truth-Telling
by Thomas Szasz

The Man Behind the Mask
by Joshua Katz

The Meaning of Freedom
by Frank Chodorov

The Moses Complex
by Arnold Kling

The Power Of Us – Mass collaboration on the Internet is shaking up business
BusinessWeek online

The Sociology of Taxation
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Translucent Generation
by Alex Krupp

Toward an Educational Renaissance
by Chris Cardiff

University Implicated In Checks-For-Degrees Scheme
by The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Wal-Mart You Don’t Know
by Charles Fishman

What’s Become of Americans?
by Paul Craig Roberts

Wikipedia alternative aims to be ‘PBS of the Web’
by Daniel Terdiman

Will the University Survive?
by Tim Swanson


California’s Man-Made Drought
by Dirk Yandell and Michael C. Paganelli

Canada’s Private Clinics Surge as Public System Falters
by Clifford Krauss

Combine the Power of the Internet and the Gold Standard
by Wayne Dawson

Corporations and the Public Interest
by Jonathan Rowe

Discretion is the New Rule
by Thorsten Polleit

Does the widening US trade deficit pose a threat to the economy?
by Frank Shostak

E-prescribing project improves generic medication use
by Caroline Broder

Economics for the Citizen
by Walter E. Williams

For Society To Thrive, The Rich Must Be Left Alone
by George Reisman

Government in Business
by Murray N. Rothbard

Home of the Slave?
by Michael Bradshaw

How Powerful Is Productivity?
by Nick Schulz

Money in a Free Nation
by Joanna Parker

NPR : For Workers, ‘The World Is Flat’ Thomas Friedman on Fresh Air

Pharmaceutical Business -Fighting the Clock
by Karen J. Watkins

Reclaiming Medicine for Patients and Physicians
by Gilbert Ross M.D

The Absence of History
by Bill Bonner

The Economics of Taxation
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Forgotten Private Banker
by Richard Sylla

The Third Industrial Revolution
by Hans F. Sennholz

Toward a Reconstruction of Utility and Welfare Economics
by Murray N. Rothbard

Uncertainty and Its Exigencies: The Critical Role of Insurance in the Free Market
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Voluntary and Coercive Cartels: The Case of Oil
By David Osterfeld

Wal-Marts of An Earlier Age
by Clifford F. Thies

What Economics Is Not
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

What Is Society?
by Ludwig von Mises

Why Medicine Is Slowly Dying in America
by Michael J. Hurd


Government Is Not Compassion, Part 1
by Glen Allport

Government Is Not Compassion, Part 2
by Glen Allport

In Defense of Moral Agents
by Roy Halliday

Who’s the Scrooge: Libertarians and Compassion
by Roderick T. Long

Governmental Domestic Policy

Annual Privatization Report 2004
by Geoffrey F. Segal (ed)

Beware the Alchemists
by Ludwig von Mises

Coercion: It’s What’s for Dinner in Postconstitutional America
by Sheldon Richman

Drug Policy Issues and Statistics

Drug War Facts

Ending Corporate Welfare as We Know It
by Lawrence W. Reed

Fannie Mae Distorts Markets
by Robert Blumen

How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis: Medical Insurance that Worked – Until Government “Fixed” It
by Roderick T. Long

How the FBI Let 9/11 Happen: Never mind Moussaoui, the smoldering gun was right there all the time
by Jeff A. Taylor

Ironic Triangle
by Sheldon Richman

John Hughes Was Right
by Mark Storer

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s An Inflation-Fighting Fed!
by Cyd Malone

So Many Missed Opportunities
by Veronique de Rugy

Speech to the Philadelphia Society: Immigration, Economic Growth, and the Welfare State
by Benjamin Powell

Stupid in America
by John Stossel

The Biggest Medicare Fraud Ever
by James Bovard

The Spend of Our Union Is Strong
by Veronique de Rugy

Uncle Sam’s Iron Curtain of Secrecy
by James Bovard

What Do Farmers Want from Me?
by Russell Roberts

What Hunger Insurance Could Teach Us about Health Insurance
by Joseph Bast

Where’s the Revolution?
by Duane D. Freese

Governmental Foreign Policy

Abolish the CIA!
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt

America’s war on the web
by Neil Mackay

Hobbes, Locke and the Bush Doctrine
by Nathan Smith

Interview with Thomas P.M. Barnett
by Max Borders

Iraq and the Democratic Empire
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Our History with Iraq
by Chip Gagnon

Quotes on War

Salvation by Starvation
by Aaron Singleton

Some Common, Bad Arguments for the Recent U.S. Policy Towards Iraq
by Gene Callahan

The Justice and Prudence of War: Toward A Libertarian Analysis
by Roderick Long

The U.S. Global Empire
by Laurence M. Vance

The Way Out of Iraq: Policy Reports
by Ivan Eland

Tracing the Trail of Torture
by Tom Engelhardt and Dahr Jamail

U.S. Money Aids World’s Worst Dictators
by Benjamin Powell and Matt Ryan

Why All the Foreign Bases?
by Sam Baker

With Friends Like These, U.S. Enemies Don’t Seem As Bad
by Ivan Eland

Governmental Ills

A Picture of Dorian Government
by Michael Tennant

Anarchy, Violence and the State
by Stefan Molyneux

Crippling Competition, Part 1
by Scott McPherson

Crippling Competition, Part 2
by Scott McPherson

Death and Taxes: …~mibi

Disarming the Law-Abiding
by John R. Lott, Jr.

Does Government Always Have to Grow?
by Stephen Davies

Happy Birthday Federal Register!
by Alastair J. Walling

Historical Per-Person Share of the National Debt
by Daylan Darby

How Big Is Bush’s Big Government?
by Mark Brandly

by Ludwig von Mises

On Being Anti-State, Anti-War, and Anti-Bush
by Anthony Gregory

Perverse Incentives
by Brad Edmonds

Six Questions on the American “Gulag” for Historian Kate Bro

Socialized Medicine: The Canadian Experience
by Pierre Lemieux

The Awesome Powers of Government
by Murray Weidenbaum

The Human Rights Deception
by Richard W. Stevens

The Line-Item Veto Won’t Work
by Cecil E. Bohanon and T. Norman Van Cott

The Moral Consequences of Paternalism
by Daniel B. Klein

The State and Its Five Rationales
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Translating the Emperor’s Speech
by Anthony Gregory

U.S. Senate: Reference Constitution of the United States

United States Electoral College – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Who Captures Whom? The Case of Regulation
By Michael Rozeff

The Word Thieves
by Stephanie R. Murphy


Against Politics: Polycentric Law

A Legal System for a Free Society
by Bertel M. Sparks

Bill of Law
by Michael van Notten

Breach of contract – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Common law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Consideration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Contract – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Contract theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Declaratory judgment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Equity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Free-Market Justice Is in the Cards
by J.H. Huebert

Gateway to an Altered Landscape: Law in a Free Nation
by Richard O. Hammer

Injunction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Justice System Is ‘Broken,’ Lawyers Say
by Henry Weinstein

Law and Order
by Arnold Kling

Law and Violence
by Roy Halliday

Law as Property in a Free Nation
by Philip E. Jacobson

Law by Country – United States Substantive Law – Constitution of the United States

Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution
by Murray N. Rothbard

Laws by Source: Uniform Laws Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School

Maxims of equity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Replevin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Review by Roy Halliday: To Serve and Protect by Bruce L Benson

Review by Sean O. Haugh: Justice Without Law by Jerold S. Auerbach

Society in Jail
by Jeffrey Tucker

Somali Customary Law
by Spencer Heath MacCallum (ed)

Specific performance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Standard form contract – Adhesion contract Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Anticrime Industry in a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday

The Idea of a Private Law Society
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Nature of Law, Parts I-IV
by Roderick T. Long

Toward Voluntary Courts and Enforcement
by Richard O. Hammer

Unconscionability – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Unjust enrichment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Would You Like Fries With Your Arbitration?
by Manuel Lora

Political History

100 Years of Medical Robbery
by Dale Steinreich

A Brief Tax History of America
by Charles Adams

Anti-Federalism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bill of Rights – History of the Constitution

Democracies Do Not Make War on One Another…or Do They?
by Matthew White

Democracy, or Who Made You King?
by Dmitry Chernikov

DiLorenzo and His Critics on the Lincoln Myth
by James Ostrowski

Drifting In and Out of Socialism: The Case of Ireland
by James L. Payne

Economy of the Soviet Union – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First Twelve Articles of Amendment – The U.S. Constitution Online

Friedrich Engels

History of the United States dollar

How Medical Boards Nationalized Health Care
by Henry Jones

It all began, as usual, with the Greeks
by Murray N. Rothbard

Ivan’s War
by Bill Bonner

Just War
by Murray N. Rothbard

Learning From Experience
by Ivan Pongracic

Life, Liberty, and …
by Albert Jay Nock

Lincoln’s legacy of corruption
by Ilana Mercer

Lysander Spooner
by Wendy McElroy

Madison’s Introduction of the Bill of Rights – The U.S. Constitution Online

Manifesto of the Communist Party
by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Massachusetts Compromise – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by Laura LaHaye: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

North America’s First Experience with Paper Money: Card Money in New France
by Martin Masse

Rainbow $10 Bill and Hamilton Versus Jackson
by Morgan Reynolds

Review by David Gordon: The Costs of War: America’s Pyrrhic Victories by John
V. Denson (ed)

Rothbard’s “Left and Right”: Forty Years Later
by Roderick T. Long

The Antifederalists Were Right
by Gary Galles

The Forgotten Essentials of Jefferson’s Philosophy
by David Mayer

The Latest Defamation of Jefferson
by Thomas DiLorenzo

The Most Successful Fraud in American History
by Gary North

The Origin of Religious Tolerance
by Wendy McElroy

The Origins of Individualist Anarchism in the US
by Murray N. Rothbard

The Rocky Road of American Taxation
by Charles Adams

The Santa Clara Blues: Corporate Personhood versus Democracy
by William Meyers

The Trouble With Socialist Anarchism
by Per Bylund

The Utopia of Liberty: A Letter to Socialists (1848)
by Gustave de Molinari

Thomas Paine

Virginia Declaration of Rights – Wikisource

War Collectivism in World War I
by Murray N. Rothbard

What Came To Be
by Per Bylund

Political Philosophy

A Model Lease For Orbis
by Spencer Heath MacCallum

A Paper Tiger for a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday

A Peaceful Ferment In Somalia
by Spencer Heath MacCallum

A Senate for the Free Nation Foundation, and for a Free Nation As Well
by Phil Jacobson

A Single-Owner Proprietary Nation: Advantages, Problems, and Solutions
by Roy Halliday

Anarchy, State, and Mixture, Part I: Six Possibilities
by Roderick T. Long

Archive of Libertarian Nation Foundation papers

Basic Questions About a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday, Spencer MacCallum, and Philip Jacobson

Beyond the Boss: Protection from Business in a Free Nation
by Roderick T. Long

Bourgeois Families in a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday

Business in a Free Nation
by Richard O. Hammer

Can We Escape the Ruling Class?
by Roderick T. Long

Defending a Free Nation
by Roderick T. Long

Defense Through Free-Market Sport
by Douglas Nusbaum

Dismantling Leviathan from Within, Part I: Can We? Should We?
by Roderick T. Long

Dismantling Leviathan From Within: Part II: The Process of Reform
by Roderick T. Long Part II: The Process of Reform

Dismantling Leviathan From Within Part III: Is Libertarian Political Action Self-Defeating?
by Roderick T. Long

Dismantling Leviathan From Within, Part IV: The Sons of Brutus
by Roderick T. Long

Draft Constitution for a Reviving or New Nation
by Michael Darby

Economic Government
by Robert Klassen

Forms for a Free Nation, Alternate Visions
by Philip Jacobson

From Nation-State To Stateless Nation: The Somali Experience
by Michael van Notte

Funding Public Goods: Six Solutions
by Roderick T. Long

How States Fall and Liberty Triumphs
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Is Somalia a Model?
by Alan Bock

ISIL Animated Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty

Journal of Libertarian Studies

Let’s Discuss the Amount of Coercion Needed in a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday

Libertarian Community of Utopia: One Country, Three Systems
by Adrian C. Hinton

Libertarian Responses to Terrorism
by Roy Halliday

Market Anarchism, the Solution to the Dilemma of Taiwan Independence
by Bevin Chu

Nonviolent Civilian Defense
by Robert Mihaly

One Nation, Two Systems: The Doughnut Model
by Roderick T. Long

by P. E. de Puydt

Planning a New Nation
by Michael van Notten

Politics Versus Proprietorship: Remarks Prefatory to Discussion of the Orbis Constitution for Proprietary Communities
by Spencer Heath MacCallum

Review by Bobby Matherne: Towards Social Renewal: Rethinking the Basis of Society
by Rudolf Steiner

Selecting a Site for a Free Nation in an Unfree World
by Roy Halliday

Slavery Contracts and Inalienable Rights: A Formulation
by Roderick Long A Formulation

Society without a State
by Murray N. Rothbard

The Basics of Constitutions
by Richard O. Hammer

The On Line Freedom Academy
by Jim Davies

The Origins of States
by Roy Halliday

The Perils of Positive Rights
by Tibor R. Machan

The Production of Security
by Gustave de Molinari

The REAL Limón Project
by Rigoberto Stewart

The State is a Form of Life, a Legitimate Peer in the Family of Organizations
by Richard O. Hammer

Utopia Watch: From Upstate New York to the Horn of Africa
by Spencer MacCallum

Property Issues

A New Form of Intellectual Property Protection
by Bobby Yates Emory

A Plea for Public Property
by Roderick T. Long

A Theory of Property Rights for a Free Nation
by Roy Halliday

Baseline rights and restrictions in all licenses Creative Commons

Categories of Free and Non-Free Software Free Software Foundation

Choose a License Creative Commons

Copy Fighting
by Tom W. Bell

Copyleft – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Creative Commons Legal Code

Fashion Has No Owner
by Albert Esplugas and Manuel Lora

File Sharing: It’s Music to Our Ears: Making P2P Pay Artists

Government and Microsoft: a Libertarian View on Monopolies
by François-René Rideau

Homesteading for Fun and Survival
by Manuel Lora and Jeffrey Tucker

Homesteading: the Creation of Property
by Bill Walker

IBM says it won’t assert patents against Linux kernel
by Ed Scannell

Ideas As Property
by Roy Halliday

Identity theft – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intellectual property – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intellectual Property Information
by Stephan Kinsella

Intellectual Property Rights Viewed As Contracts
by Richard O. Hammer

Land Policy and the Open Community: The Anarchist Case for Land-Leasing versus Subdivision
by Spencer H. MacCallum

Mises Economics Blog: Intellectual Property

Nineteen Propositions About Property
by Richard O. Hammer

On Andrew J Galambos and His Primary Property Ideas
by Alvin Lowi, Jr.

Patents Are An Economic Absurdity
by François-René Rideau

Real property rights vs. fiat property rights
by Tracy Saboe

Selling Free Software -Free Software Foundation

Street Performer Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tall Grass, Parked Cars, and Other So-Called Offenses
by Scott McPherson

The Definition of “Property” and “Property Rights” in a Free Nation
by Gordon Neal Diem, D.A.

The Economic Theory Concerning Patents for Inventions
by Arnold Plant

The Intellectual Property Debate
by George Winborne

The Libertarian Case Against Intellectual Property Rights
by Roderick T. Long

The Spectrum Should Be Private Property: The Economics, History, and Future of Wireless Technology
by B.K. Marcus

The Uneasy Case for Copyright – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Things to think about before you apply a Creative Commons license to your work

Who Owns the Internet?
by Tim Swanson

Why “Free Software” is better than “Open Source” Free Software Foundation

You Treat Me Like Property
by Vedran Vuk

Zoning is Theft
by Jim Fedako