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Episode 190 - Malady of taxation, surveillance statism, and the killing fields

Published by: Wes Bertrand on 20th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by Wes Bertrand

Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams bemoan paying half of record $3.6 million prize money to tax man by Jim Slater

Rafael Nadal Vs Novak Djokovic Final Extended Highlights US Open 2013 [HD]

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Political Problems Have Only One Real Solution by Robert Higgs

bumper music Cambodian Music (Khmer Surin) by Nam Phoeung



  • Erik Wiley
    by Erik Wiley 2 years ago
    This is a very powerful podcast...excellent job Wes!

    The NAZI-ish Homeland Security story is incredibly realistic.

    Pol Pot was an abhorrent monster.

    It seems to me that one of the major factors in our past and current cultural equations is "Psychopathy". It also seems to me that our future's success or failure heavily depends upon our deep understanding of psychopathy, in the same way the success or failure of a physical body with cancer heavily relies upon the deep understanding of said cancer and therefore an effective cure.
  • Wes Bertrand
    by Wes Bertrand 2 years ago
    Glad you liked it, Erik. Thanks. Regarding psychopathy, I think Zimbardo's research on bad apples, apple barrels, and apple barrel makers is instructive, on the situational aspects of what encourages individuals to inflict suffering and death on others. Unfortunately, he doesn't come to the logical conclusion that the system of government dominates and punishes by design, and that voluntaryism is the solution.
  • Erik Wiley
    by Erik Wiley 2 years ago
    In keeping with the body metaphor, I see the the type of "system" that a social-body has as equivalent to the type of diet a physical body has. So a system like "voluntaryism" would be equivalent to something extremely healthy like the paleo-diet, whereas our current "klepto-crapitalism" would be equivalent to a steady diet of something like candy corn + Ho-Ho + cheetos + Dr. Pepper + a few lines of meth for dessert.

    But psychopathy is like a malignant cancer in that once it gets established in the system, it becomes the most critical factor for that body. In other words, having a good diet is obviously way better than having a poor diet, but the moment you realize that you have malignant cancer, the cancer becomes the most central factor in one's life. That is to say, once a social-system is infected with/dominated by psychopathy, tyranny is the only possible result.

    In short, I think the American system is infected with psychopathy and therefore nothing but more of the same insanity can happen until it is dealt with.

    Thank you for your response, I will look into Zimbardo's theory.
  • Wes Bertrand
    by Wes Bertrand 2 years ago
    Most welcome, Erik. Transformation to a system of voluntaryism will mean the end of the age-old systemic infections that cause harm to whole populations. Cheers.
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