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Episode 156 - Liberty getaway cruise 2011, voting debate

Published by: Wes Bertrand on 22nd Jan 2012 | View all blogs by Wes Bertrand

Stefan Molyneux's site:

Mark Edge's site:

An article by Jim Davies about Ron Paul's agenda (
about Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign by Jim Davies
Raise the Drawbridge! by Jim Davies
Ron's War on Drugs by Jim Davies

New Hampshire activism options (both inside and outside the coercive system)

Further reading on the USC...
No Treason No. VI. The Constitution of No Authority

bumper music "Suffrage" by Matthias Adler

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  • Garrett Fox
    by Garrett Fox 3 years ago
    Thanks for posting this. This is a debate my friends and I have constantly.
  • Wes Bertrand
    by Wes Bertrand 3 years ago
    Sure thing, Garrett. Glad you liked it.
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